About Us

Gordon and Gotch is Australia’s oldest publications distributor with operations commencing in 1853.
As the largest independent distributor and wholesaler of printed media in Australia, Gordon and Gotch distribute in excess of 130 million copies per year. This equates to five Gordon and Gotch product being sold every second across Australia.
We harness a deep pool of knowledge of the Australian magazine market and have a reputable track record in developing profitable sales for our clients. We focus on driving what we believe are the fundamentals of our business:
·       Industry Knowledge  (Publishing and Retail) 
·       Market Intelligence
·       Circulation  Excellence
·       Logistics
·       B2B Marketing Services  
·       Customer Service
Our extensive range of approximately 3,500 mass media and special interest publications ensures our portfolio is of continuing value and relevance to our retail clients, and enables effective allocation profiling to be performed for our Publishers.
We import magazines from most distributors in the UK and USA as well as partworks from the UK, Spain & South Africa.
Gordon and Gotch is a core business within the PMP Limited Group. PMP is Australasia's leading integrated provider of consumer insight and printed communications solutions. An ASX listed company with over
3,000 people in locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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