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Distribution Services

Gordon and Gotch Distribution Services is where the products of our valued publishers are receipted, picked and packed ready for distribution to over several thousand newsagents, supermarkets and convenience store chains and other retailers nationally.

Gordon and Gotch manage Distribution Centre operations in NSW and VIC along with third party operations in QLD, SA & WA. The warehouses nationally operate with a SAFETY first culture to ensure that all of our employees and contractors are provided with the safest operations available to them. This network of warehouses provides our publishers with the ability to deliver their magazine stock to the most convenient warehouse location available to them. Gordon and Gotch will then manage all magazine stock received into each branch on their behalf. Products are packed 7 days a week to ensure we meet our publishers preferred delivery timelines.

Deliveries are made to retailers across Australia 2 days a week. Nominated secured delivery points, made available by the newsagents, allow deliveries to be made in time for the agents to on forward magazines to their sub agents and other customers in a timely manner. Proof of delivery is required supermarket deliveries, with sign on glass technology being introduced into NSW and VIC allowing our sites to better manage our contractors delivery in full and on time (DIFOT) in these states.

Major packing lines in NSW, VIC and QLD use state of the art pick to light technology (manufactured in Germany and used extensively in Europe), these systems are ideal for the large volume and multi variants of magazines being handled at our larger distribution centres each day. The pick to light system allows Gordon and Gotch to significantly better manage the order accuracy of our customer’s product. By ensuring all products are packed by weight with all discrepancies highlighted to the operators at the invoicing stage, provides our customers with 99% accuracy of invoiced orders.

All interstate line haul movements are completed by our service provider’s who have a genuine understanding of our business and business requirements. The just in time movements of our freight to all major capital centres is completed using track and trace technology. Other tailored forms of communication are available to Gordon and Gotch by request and allow us to know where and when the ETA’s of our stock are to be achieved.

Gordon and Gotch’s focus is to provide our customers with delivery in full and on time (DIFOT) to drive maximum sales opportunities in the market place.