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Returns Processing

Are Direct Pty Limited offers two efficient electronic ways for retailers to process their returns.

1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via XchangeIT - most efficient and preferred method used by the majority of newsagents

2. Electronic weekly form on the Are Direct Pty Limited website.

Both these methods have inbuilt checks in place to assist the retailer in submitting accurate returns claim data. For XchangeIT newsagents who pass the No Physical Returns (NPR) benchmark checks, no magazine returns are required except for when audited.

Magazine covers for unsold magazines are required to be returned for all newsagents not on the NPR program. They are returned by retailers to state warehouses and then forwarded to our Moorebank warehouse. A physical audit is conducted to ensure claimed returns are accurate. These are then disposed of securely and pulped for recycling. Full copy returns of selective trading cards and partworks are required from all retailers. Stock from these returns can then be re-circulated into the market.