General FAQs

Can I order back copies (old issues) of magazines?

Old issues of magazines are only kept for partworks. Gordon and Gotch do not keep old issues of other magazines

How do I make an enquiry for distribution of my publication?

Distribution enquiries should visit our New Business section which contains valuable information for new publishers about our business. A new business enquiry form is available here and can be submitted on-line. Alternatively you can contact us.

What is an MPA Category?

An MPA category is a standardised magazine category naming convention endorsed by the Magazine Publishers of Australia.

How do I search for a publication(s)?

To find a publication(s), simply click on Search > Magazine Search. This comprehensive search option provides the opportunity to search using single or multiple choices by name, word, frequency, MPA category and/or barcode.

How do I use the new Homepage?

If you are a Retailer or Publisher who have signed up to Gotch Connect, from the Home page click on the link to select your respective portals to log in.

If you are interested in becoming a New Publisher, see New Business.

If you are a Consumer looking for a specific magazine, see Search > Magazine Search

If you would like to find information about Gordon and Gotch services click on Our Services.

Or if you are interested in some background on Gordon and Gotch and its Management Team click on About Us